3 1961 Lincoln Penny No Mint Mark, L On Rim, + Other Errors (360)

This 3-coin lot includes a 1961 Lincoln Memorial Small Cent with unique features. The coins have circulated and are in an ungraded condition. The coins are struck in Business Fineness and were minted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. These coins are perfect for collectors of Lincoln Memorial Small Cents who are searching for unique variations […]

1965 USA Lincoln Memorial Penny, No Mint, Rare Error-an L & In God We Trust

This 1965 USA Lincoln Memorial Penny is a rare find for collectors. The coin features an error in the lettering, with the letter L missing from the word’Liberty’ and the word’In’ missing from’In God We Trust’. The penny has been circulated and is in ungraded condition, with a composition of bronze and a color of […]

1984 No Mint Mark Penny With Multiple Very Rare Strikethrough Errors

This 1984 Lincoln Memorial penny is a true gem for any coin collector. The penny features multiple rare strikethrough errors and is circulated, making it a valuable addition to any collection. The bronze composition and color (BN) add to the uniqueness of this coin. The penny was minted in Philadelphia and does not bear a […]

1982-D 1C, Large Date Lincoln Cent DDOR Multi Error 3.1 Gram Toning US Mint Coin

This 1982-D 1C, Lincoln Memorial Multiple error Penny features a DDOR and weighs 3.1 grams. The coin has a beautiful rainbow toning and is a rare addition to any US coin collection. The penny was minted in Denver and has the variety of a large date. This Uncertified coin is a Small Cent and has […]

1982 Lincoln Penny No Mint Mark Large Date Extra Fine Copper 3.1g Error Coin

This 1982 Lincoln Penny is a rare and valuable find for any coin collector. With no mint mark and a large date, this extra fine copper coin features an error that sets it apart from other coins in its series. The obverse displays the profile of Abraham Lincoln while the reverse shows the Lincoln Memorial. […]