1847 Large Cent AU (#53408-L)

1847 Large Cent – AU (#53408-L). Please realize that these photos show detail. Color variation from picture to picture is due to lighting differences. We try to upload pictures that most accurately depict the true color of the coin. There is no Photoshop, colorization or alterations (less cropping and in some cases, combining) done to […]

1844/81 Large Cent Great Deals From The Executive Coin Company

1844/81 Large Cent Great Deals From The Executive Coin Company. Is the picture showing the actual coin I’ll receive? You will receive the exact coin pictured. Unless stated “STOCK” in the title/description. If STOCK, you will receive a coin of the same type and quality (Year, Mint, Grade, Holder/Label). Has this coin been cleaned? If […]

1798 Large Cent AG Uncertified #104

Certified coins: All of our certified coin photos are considered stock photos unless otherwise noted. Though we do our best to update photos with current inventory, stock photos are necessary due to inventory turnover and having multiples of the same item in stock. We welcome inquiries to see if the exact coin pictured is in […]