1832 Coronet Head Large Cent 1c Medium Letters NGC XF Det. Early American Coin

This 1832 Coronet or Matron Head Large Cent 1c is a rare and valuable addition to any coin collection. The coin features medium letters and has been graded XF Details by NGC, ensuring its authenticity and quality. The coin was minted in Philadelphia, United States, and has a business strike type. The coin is composed […]

1842 Braided Hair Large Cent 1c Copper Coin Better Grade VF + #71533

1842 Braided Hair Large Cent. Better Grade – VF+. Prices: Our prices are very tightly calculated and are very fair. Please do not ask us for discounts as the answer will always be “No”. Authenticity: Every coin or banknote we sell is guaranteed authentic. You’ll receive an invoice with your item(s) that can be used […]

1798 Draped Bust Large Cent 1st Hair Style US 1c Copper Penny Coin L45

1798 Draped Bust Large Cent – 1st Hair Style. Please find for consideration a 1798 Draped Bust Large Cent, the 1st Hair Style Variety, with a slight rotated die. Please note the coin has a very old cleaning and the surface displays porosity, pitting and corrosion. Please also note the fine scratches on the obverse, […]

1825 Coronet Head Large Cent Corrosion US 1c Copper Penny Coin L45

1825 Coronet Head Large Cent – Corrosion. Please find for consideration an 1825 Coronet Head Large Cent. Please note the surface displays porosity, pitting, corrosion and verdigris. Please also note what appears to be a counterstamp on the obverse in the 4 o’clock position (appears to be an “L” with a dot). Also note the […]